State Bank of Pakistan has entrusted the task of enlistment and monitoring of Professional Valuers to Pakistan Banks’ Association (PBA).

In the context of the banking industry in Pakistan, Professional Valuers are individuals or organizations that appraise the value of assets and collaterals provided to Banks and Financial Institutions for the purpose of securing loans & advances and any other facilities.

The banking industry may only use the services of PBA enlisted Professional Valuers for assessment of value of assets located in Pakistan. They will also use the services of PBA enlisted Professional Valuers for assessment of values of assets that do not form collaterals.

Professional Valuers do not require PBA enlistment for issuing Valuation Reports that will not be used by the local banking industry. Likewise, Financial Institutions that are not regulated by State Bank of Pakistan are not required to use the services of PBA enlisted Professional Valuers.

Enlistment and monitoring is done according to a set of Guidelines developed for the purpose. Download the Guidelines for Enlistment and Monitoring of Professional Valuers here:

These Guidelines are periodically updated, and are now announced only through the PBA Website. They are geared towards allowing collateral appraisal activity to only reliable and competent individuals and organizations. Applicants and enlisted Valuers should regularly study the Guidelines for changes and updates. Based on the Guidelines, Professional Valuers may apply for enlistment on PBA Panels of Approved Professional Valuers. Download Application Forms for Enlistment of Professional Valuers here:

Upon receipt of Application for Enlistment, PBA applies a point based criterion to determine the potential of the applicant to carry out Valuations for the Banking Industry in Pakistan, and assigns a recommended limit for the size of facilities sought by a bank client, against which the Bank or Financial Institution may accept the subject Professional Valuer’s Valuation Reports. If the Recommended Limits are acceptable to Professional Valuers, they are enlisted.

Once enlisted, Professional Valuers are required to submit data for the Valuations done by them for the Banking Industry on a monthly basis. This data is required to be submitted on PBA specified formats, along with the changes in any other factor which is a part of the PBA enlistment criteria. Download Forms for Submission of Periodic Data to PBA here:

  • Periodic Data Input Form
  • Notes to Periodic Data Input Form
  • Based on the data provided by the Professional Valuers, and some other factors that are a part of the PBA assessment criteria, their performance is reviewed on an annual basis, after which enlistment is renewed under recalculated Recommended Limits.

    List of PBA Approved Professional Valuers may be viewed or downloaded here.

  • List of Professional Valuers
  • List of Offices of Professional Valuers
  • Geographical Segments in which Professional Valuers Operate
  • Commodities in which Professional Valuers have Valuation experience
  • List of Allied Valuer Concerns

    Industry / Commodity Specialist

    From 2013 onwards, PBA has introduced a panel of Industry and Commodity Specialists, so that Professional Valuers may avail their expertise in valuation of respective industries / commodities. Download application form for enlistment as Industry / Commodity Specialist here:

    List of Industry / Commodity Specialists on the PBA Panel may be viewed or downloaded here.

  • List of Industry / Commodity Specialists
  • Kindly note that address specified in the Guidelines is no more valid. The New address is:
    Islamic Chamber of Commerce Building, Ground Floor, St. 2/A, Clifton, Block 9, Karachi.

    For queries/information, please contact us at the phone numbers 0321-6664048 or 0331-6664048.

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