Annual Report 2007-2008 Volume # 2

  Governorís Message
  Governance Structure of State Bank of Pakistan
  Strategic Objectives of SBP
Chapter 1 Maintaining Price Stability with Growth
Chapter 2 Broadening Access to Financial Sector
Chapter 3 Ensuring Soundness of Financial Sector
Chapter 4 Exchange Rate and Reserve Management
Chapter 5 Strengthening of Payment Systems
Chapter 6 Management Strategy of SBP
Chapter 7 Information Technology Developments
Chapter 8 SBP Subsidiaries
State Bank of Pakistan Banking Services Corporation (Bank)
Chapter 9 National Institute of Banking & Finance (NIBAF)
Chapter 10 Finances of SBP and its Subsidiaries
Annual Budget Review 2007-08
Chapter 11 Annual Financial Performance Review 2007-08
Chapter 12 Consolidated Financial Statements of SBP and its subsidiaries
Chapter 13 Financial Statements of SBP
Chapter 14 Financial Statements of SBP-BSC (Bank)
Chapter 15 Financial Statements of NIBAF
Annexure-A Chronology of Policy Announcements
 A-1 Banking Policy, Inspection and Supervision
 A-2 Development Finance
 A-3 Financial Market/Reserve Management Group
 A-4 Payment System
 B-1 Central Board- Decisions and Deliberations during 2007-08
 B-2 Business Continuation Management
 B-3 Risk Based Audit Approach
Annexure-C Organizational Chart
Annexure-D Management Directory
Annexure-E List of Publications
The Team  


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